The 21st century has seen unprecedented challenges in terms of climate change and sustainable development. In response to this, many organizations have embarked on innovative and digital technology approaches to these issues. The conference on Innovation and Digital Technology Approaches to Climate Change and Sustainable Development is the perfect opportunity to bring together experts and innovators from around the world to share their knowledge and experience. The conference will explore the latest scientific and technological developments, examine the potential of digital technologies, and discuss the social and economic implications of climate change and sustainable development. It will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to identify and develop solutions for climate change and sustainable development. Scholars will converge to share latest research findings on the sub-themes identified for the conference this year. The university takes research as a critical pillar in learning and teaching. Through research scholars will sharpen their knowledge and also refresh their current state of knowledge. An annual conference is a good avenue for scholars to converge and share their findings of contemporary issues that affect organizations and hopefully after the conference come up with resolutions that can be implemented to change the status of affairs.

The Conference therefore aims to strengthen the research process within the university at large. It is a platform where researchers will share their experiences on various sub-themes for the conference. The main objective of the research will be sharing of facts, emerging trends, case studies, current studies and findings on the conference theme and sub-themes.